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Jim Herbert Rescu-Me

When disaster strikes and you must leave with what’s on your back, make it a Rescu-me vest. Helping you survive the first 72 hours and beyond!
Rescu-MeTM Survival Vests
The goal for Rescu-Me
TM survival vests is to provide a quality survival product for those who potentially find themselves in harms way, while keeping things as simple as possible, for most people have little or no training in a survival situation. This is a product that allows hunters, aviators and all other people who may find themselves in a survival situation to be quickly and fully prepared. This is NOT a redesigned fishing vest, this a survival tool. The Rescu-MeTM vest is designed for quick access and wearability in the critical first 72 hours of a survival situation. Primarily designed for day hikers, pilots, boaters and hunters, this vest is built to provide a comfortable fit while maintaining the ability to help save your life or others in your party. Just ask Pat Rainey, of the Alpine Tree Service, how effective this platform is.

The contents within the vest, for the most part, are standard gear available through many common vendors, allowing for easy restocking of supplies on your next trip outdoors. This vest is reversible and features a high visibility orange inside, with shoulder reflectors to provide maximum visibility from the air. This piece of equipment also is built to keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat due to a proprietary patented barrier fabric. Also provided is an information panel that can be filled out to provide rescuers with exactly the information that they need to quickly treat any person that is unable to communicate or unconscious.

Utilizing all of these features, along with the survival expertise of lifetime survivalist
Jim Herbert, the Rescu-MeTM survival vest provides any user with a comfortable, easy to use, and effective way to help save their own lives.

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